School Lunch Ideas
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School Lunch Ideas

Getting kids to eat a healthy meal, or in many cases, to eat at all can be tricky.

When it comes to satisfying the many different tastes each of my children have, I need to be healthy, conscious and creative.

Packing the “right” school snacks and lunches are crucial for your kid’s energy level and ability to make it through the school day – which is already challenging enough.

First, I sit down and ask my children to tell me their fruit, snack and meal preferences.  Creating this list ahead of time to have on hand for grocery shopping means that everyone gets a packed lunch that they like and will actually eat!

I can remember too many days when I packed lunches on my own and all of it came home untouched, spoiled and wasted. My kids arrived grumpy, exhausted and starving! Not a pretty sight!

So I type up a list for all my kids (it’s really for me), I try to have common denominators and I print it out for shopping and packing.

Every night we pack lunches together, my big girls are in their own now. Packing at night saves a lot of time and decision-making in the hectic morning.

Here’s a look at some healthy lunch ideas that my kids enjoy:

Brooke’s School Lunch List

I like lunch boxes that can fit the water bottle, cute freezer pack, snack bags (less paper waste!) and other containers.


(Here’s Shaya’s favorite)

Lunch box letters can bring joy to any challenging day at school.  Love notes are for kids, too and I have so much fun writing little notes to my kids and I know it makes them happy.  Especially Rain, who is starting kindergarten this year, will feel my love when she finds the little surprise each day. You can make your own, or use our free downloadable lunchbox notes:

[Click here to download the printable PDF version]

My kids love things that are colorful and different.

Try one of our ModernMom favorites (it’s also a great activity to do with  your child) – veggie and fruit kababs!

YouTube video



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