The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a Labor Weekend Getaway
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The Ultimate Guide to Packing for a Labor Weekend Getaway

Check out the 5 quickest packing tricks and weekend wardrobe essentials to enjoy your vacay in high style!

The three day weekend is finally here and the only thing stopping you from running right out the front door is that empty suitcase and mound of wrinkled laundry on your closet floor! Fear not. With a little space management and wardrobe creativity, you will be the best dressed traveler in the carry-on line!

Prepare to become the perfect packer …

As an avid traveler and fashion junkie, I make it a habit to look casually fabulous everywhere I go.  This used to take me countless hours of anticipating the “packing dreads” followed by a 100 lb suitcase full of “just in case outfits” for even a quick little weekender.  Don’t even get me started on the 7-day-later teeth pulling process of unpacking.

Total nightmare and in my opinion, the REAL reason Americans never seem to use up their vacation time! Thankfully, I’ve finally mastered the lean, mean packing machine method. For this super clever styling secret,  we only need recall lessons from our school days in K-5 … laying out our clothes the night before the trip.   First problem solved.  Here’s how to pack completely stylish outfits from head-to-toe in just minutes:

Step 1

Lay out one outfit for each day of travel across your bed WITH corresponding accessories. (Friday through Monday.)

The object here is to scale way back and share accessories between days.

Step 2

Pair down your shoes to only two pairs.  One comfortable pair for walking.  And one higher heel for evening.  That’s it. The comfy pair should go with all of your day outfits and walking excursions (including travel days) and the higher heel pair goes with all of your night time or day-to-night options.

Step 3

Pair down your jewelry to wear the same earrings and necklace with each different outfit.  Another major time and space saver.  (Yes, I said repeat jewelry!)

Step 4

Always include a sweater or denim jacket for air conditioned airports, restaurants and hotels.

Step 5

Check the weather report the night before you leave for accurate rain predictions or temperature swings.

Now, the fun part – the five holiday weekend packing essentials to ensure a comfy AND stylish vacation! The name of the game here ladies, is COLOR!! Just because we’re packing light, doesn’t mean we’re skimping on the style.  Your outfits will look fresh by using different color palettes each day.  Keep the fabrics and styles simple for travel ease, but the colors BOLD!

Time to raise the travel fashion bar … whose with me?!

1. Long, Maxi Dress

Every girl’s best friend.  Comfortable, light, insanely flattering to every body type and travels well. Hallelujah.

2. Colored Tees

If you have a hot pink maxi dress, then intentionally grab a different color tee for the next day. Try bright yellow with white shorts or add some pop to blue jeans with an electric orange tank or tee.

2. Wedges

Your approved, signature high heel.  They look equally as fabulous to jazz up a sundress, jeans or even shorts.  Ten-mile long legs and versatility?  Count me in.

4. Colored Jeans

Skinny or straight legged jeans are a fantastic investment in a bright color like purple, green, royal blue or red.  The color has now moved to the bottom half, so wear neutral grey’s & white’s on top to keep your look sophisticated.  This is how you go from “Suburban Soccer Mom” jeans to “Hot City Mom” jeans!

5. Walking Shoes

Definition:  CUTE sandals or a pristine pair of colorful street sneakers.  This is not a license for orthopedic pilgrim shoes or schleppy running sneakers.  Thankfully, in this day and age comfort and style are not mutually exclusive!

Whether your travel plans take you by car or by plane, you will have all the foot room you need and the confidence you deserve with your new packing tricks.  Now, sit back … relax … and enjoy your perfect wardrobe!

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