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Popular European Baby Names

While some baby names span the ocean and prove popular both in the United States and in Europe, many of the names that parents opt to select in European nations differ greatly from those popular with U.S. parents. If picking a name for your infant, consider an European-inspired name to set your child apart from his American classmates.


The name Abernathy has roots in Scotland. This name with a formal flair is used for naming male children in this small country. While popular in Scotland, this name is likely quite unfamiliar to many North American baby namers, as its popularity remains centered in Europe.


Gage is a short and sweet French name most commonly used for boys but is occasionally applied to a feminine child. This name means “a pledge,” making it a wise choice for parents who value honesty above all else.


The name Bailee proves popular in England as a name for baby girls. This name means “public servant,” making it a patriotic selection. This name is also often adopted by American parents, but rarely with the same, decidedly British spelling.


Odelia is a Greek name with a religious connection. This name translates to “I will praise God.” Because of its religious origins, this name is ideal for parents who seek a moniker with a religious undertone but do not wish to adopt a more-common Biblical name.


The German name Valdis is used almost exclusively for boys. This name, which means “spirited in war,” is an appropriate selection for parents who wish for their infant son to possess courage and strength.


Gabino is a Spanish name that is tied to religious devotion. This name translates to “God is my servant.” American parents who wish to use this name due to its religious connection may opt to shorten the name to a more Americanized Gabe for everyday use.

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