How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds of Baby Weight
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How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds of Baby Weight

Even though most of your baby weight seemed to melt off easily after your baby was born, it’s not uncommon to have the last 10 pounds of baby weight still hanging around, despite the fact that you exercise and eat well. If you lost the initial baby weight by cutting your calories and adding exercise, your weight loss may have slowed to a halt because your metabolism has slowed to make up for the loss of calories, according to Dr. Barry Levin in “Fitness Magazine.”

How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds of Baby Weight

Keep Track

Keep track of what you eat everyday in a notebook. When you set out to lose the baby weight, you may have developed a strict meal plan that you’ve become a little lax about. Use the notebook to see if and where you are going off track.

Cut Out Calories

Cut an extra 100 calories out of your daily diet. However, don’t go below 1,800 calories a day if you are still nursing. Since you weigh less now than you did when you first began your post-pregnancy diet, you most likely need fewer calories each day than you did when you started.

Change it Up

Give yourself a change of scenery with your exercise routine. According to Dr. Steve Ball in “Fitness Magazine,” adjusting what may have become a ho-hum routine can revitalize your exercise and give you more motivation to work harder. If you usually walk around your neighborhood for half an hour, try walking in a park, or get on a treadmill at the gym.

Interval Exercise

Add a boost of energy to your routine. When you go for a walk, try speed walking or jogging for a few minutes every 10 minutes or so, then return to your normal pace. Incorporating interval training, which is simply alternating bursts of intense exercise with intervals of lighter exercise, into your regular routine will help you burn more calories and improve your endurance, according to

Sweat it Off

Try wearing a waist trimmer. These help you sweat off those extra inches while you are working out. Wear it under your clothes during any exercise routine, or even to boost your sweat factor when taking a brisk walk!

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