Message Stuffed (Thankful) Crescent Rolls
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Message Stuffed (Thankful) Crescent Rolls

What’s the best part of the holidays? Having your babies help you in the kitchen!

My two-year-old wanted to help me cook and I couldn’t find anything for her to do that didn’t involve a hot pan, a burning oven, or  a sharp knife! I took out the crescent rolls so she could play with the dough and that’s when this fun idea came into my head.

These little crescent roll messages are so fun and the perfect project for any little one.


1. Cut a piece of construction paper into 1″ by 4″ strips and place a small pile of the paper strips where your guests will be gathering.

As each guest comes into the house have them scribble down what they are thankful for. It’s best to use a regular ball point pen.

2. Once you have all the notes fold then in half and place them in your crescent rolls.

Roll them up just as you normally would but make sure no paper is sticking out as you don’t want it to burn.


3. Cook for 8 minutes or until slightly golden brown at 350 degrees.

4. When the crescents are cooked put them all in a basket and serve them on the dinner table. The fun part is guessing who wrote what!


Want to see Jessie and Brooke Burke take you through this project step by step? Check out the video below:

YouTube video

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