The Naked Truth about The Naked Mom: Exclusive with Brooke Burke
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The Naked Truth about The Naked Mom: Exclusive with Brooke Burke

Are you really naked on the cover of your book?

In my mind, yes… But actually, very few “nude” photo shoots really are shot naked. Aaaah, the power of Photoshop! Thank God for flesh colored g-string panties!

Why did you name your book The Naked Mom?

This book is filled with parts of me that no one has ever seen. I reveal so many intimate details of my life as a woman, a mother and a lover. I feel more naked today in my commitment to honesty than I did back in the day.

Tell us your five favorite things to do naked:

1. Take a hot steam shower
2. Stand in my dressing room choosing which gown to wear for DWTS
3. Slip into my favorite pair of cozy sweats
4. Have a family car wash shower (yes, I mean all four kids!!!)
5. Curl up in David’s arms.

What makes you feel exposed?

Blogging, tweeting, and going on my book tour.

Were you more confident being naked at 25 or almost 40?

I am much more confident now. I’m more comfortable in my skin and focused on much deeper beautiful issues.

What part of your body are you most proud of?

My tummy. It was a home for all of my children, and I worked hard to get it back. Thanks TAUTS! It’s also my center, my intuition and the place I make most most of my decisions from.

What part of your body do you wish you could change?

None, but if you’re passing out perfect parts, I’ll take long legs.

What are you going to tell your daughters about your naked past when they ask?

Naked past? That sounds so scandalous! It was an honor to grace Playboy’s cover two times. Posing nude was a freeing experience for me at that time, and I do not have one regret. My children will not judge me.

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