Palace Pets in Whisker Haven Giveaway
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Palace Pets in Whisker Haven Giveaway

3 adorable new Palace Pets, an all new Pet racing game, and a new sparkle fashion pack are now available within Whisker Haven in the Palace Pets in Whisker Haven app!

Your kids will adore joining their favorite Palace Pets in a magical place where royal pets meet for paw-some adventures.

Snow White’s sport-loving pony, SWEETIE, Tiana’s bebopping kitty, LILY, and Cinderella’s perfectionist pony, BIBBIDY, join the magical adventures of Palace Pets in Whisker Haven!

Race to the finish with Sweetie & Bibbidy! Glam Lily up with some sparkly sunglasses. Play ball with Treasure. Primp Pumpkin, give Petite a sudsy bath, feed a healthy snack to Berry, and more! The playtime never ends in Whisker Haven!

Enter to win a $25 iTunes gift card  + a Palace Pet!

Your kids won’t want to miss these great features!

  • Care for 9 of your favorite Palace Pets as you bathe, accessorize, feed, and play fun, interactive games with them. Don’t forget to shower them with lots of love!
  • Respond to all of your Palace Pets’ needs to earn happiness hearts, and level up to receive special gifts to unlock even more fun!
  • Race your favorite pets to the finish line!
  • Enjoy the Party Bubble Pop game at Treasure’s Pool.
  • Play hide-and-seek with lots of your Palace Pet friends!
  • Frolic with Ariel’s sweet kitten, Treasure, for free!
  • Reward your pets with delicious snacks, tiaras, bows, a sudsy scrub, and some outdoor hide-and-seek fun!
  • Participate in fun Whisker Haven games with your favorite Palace Pets all together!


Which is your child’s favorite Palace Pet?


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