Put Yourself On Top Of Your TO DO List – Brooke Burke
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Put Yourself On Top Of Your TO DO List – Brooke Burke

NO MODERN, liberated, independent minded mama would ever sign up to be a driver, shopper, chef, referee, doctor, cuddler, story teller, concierge, and classroom mom. The idea is both exhausting and ridiculous. Imagine if the pre-mommy handbook read, you’re going to be overwhelmingly spread thin, no one will ever say thank you, your hormones are going to kick your ass, you will work at least a 15 hr day and btw, the show must go on daily regardless of how tired you really are! Oh and you’re gong to do it with unconditional love, patience and commitment. Right?

Wrong! Lets keep it real, this time of year marks chaos as we enter the back to school grind.  This year I have four kids at four different schools and I’m rolling through new schedules, email overload and managing lots of new young hearted feelings. The sad reality is that there is no such thing as the social media fantasy, #endless summer, it’s over and time for a new season.

The good news is, that the chaos of September equates to more free time or for a deeper necessity, more invaluable Me-Time. One thing I know to be true as a seasoned mom, is that deepening my self-care always helps me manage the chaos.

It’s time to put ourselves on TOP of our TO DO lists.

The reality buzz from women speaking up this past year allows me to say out loud that “I matter!” And I will not be lost in the madness of CHO slavery (Chief Household Officer – the most under-appreciated and under paid position on the planet!)

It’s that time a year when schedules shift and more opportunities open up for us busy moms. Back to school marks a lot of change, new beginnings, more demands but also equates to a bit more alone time. Congratulations you made it! Congrats on getting your baby off to college, or starting a new program for your little ones. Whatever your phase is, it opens a new learning opportunity for you as a woman. Carving out some me-time during the day is possible – yes you can do it! And you’ll be better for it!

I moved my daughter into college, my 11-year-old started a new school  – we’re all making major shifts in my family. Finding the courage to sit in my space and be brave enough to deal with what is there has been one of the most life-changing and eye-opening experiences for me. Surrounding myself with supportive like -minded women is essential and deepening my self-care is the best reset.

Getting a bit more deeply connected with yourself can help you rediscover places in you that have been buried behind the endless child necessities.

Most of us feel that we would do anything to give our kids everything. Shouldn’t we start giving ourselves something too?

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