Save Time & Money with ClassBundl + $125 School Supplies Giveaway!
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Save Time & Money with ClassBundl + $125 School Supplies Giveaway!

Thanks ClassBundl for partnering with us on this post.

It’s hard to believe it but summer will soon be over which means it’s time for back-to-school shopping! This brings a shudder to most kids and some parents (while some of us are looking forward to the loooong days of summer coming to an end). Regardless of your thoughts on this, back-to-school shopping is looming. While brand new unsharpened pencils, clean shiny new notebooks and untarnished backpacks are amazing, many of us dread the chaos and long lines at the stores when you try to purchase school supplies. Yes, online shopping can really help, but it still takes awhile to figure out what you need and then search for each product. But luckily there is a better solution!

Introducing ClassBundl – it’ll save you time AND money by allowing you to back-to-school shop for all your kids in under 5 minutes! (And free shipping over $50). They make online shopping easier than other websites because they have pre-built bundles available. You choose the grade your child is in and a list of commonly needed products emerge. They even include extras like disinfectant wipes (crucial to wipe that locker clean) and other items you might not even think you need (calculators for older grades). You are still able to tailor the items to your child’s specific needs by simply clicking to remove unwanted items and searching for and adding a la carte items if something is missing.

Not only do all of your items come in one box, but if you order for multiple kids, they keep the products separate so you don’t even have to sort the stuff when you get it. You can even personalize the bundle by adding your child’s name and a little note.

And for our ModernMom community, you can get $10 off every order of $100! Shop now and use code MODMOM10. Also, enter to win a bundle worth $125 for your child.

See Terms & Conditions for giveaway details.

Enjoy the sunny days at the beach or pool and leave the crowded stores to someone else. Your items will be delivered to your door with a click of a few buttons so all you have to worry about is applying enough sunscreen!

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