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Celebrate the Fourth with Red, White and Blue Cocktails!

Whether youre planning a casual BBQ or a more formal celebration for this Fourth of July weekend, a specialty cocktail is the perfect way to class up any event. This holiday happens to be one of the easiest to work with when it comes to creating a specialty drink. Whether you stick to Sex and the City-style cosmos or whip out the blender for fruit-flavored margaritas, its easy to come up with drinks that incorporate the patriotic colors of the Fourth: red, white and blue.

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A Fourth of July Cocktail a Day: Patriot-ini

You can never have enough ideas for fun and festive Fourth of July cocktails. We will be featuring one drink a day until the Fourth. Theyre all super easy recipes for delicious drinks. And the best part is that weve created them using Roses new light martini mixer line with 1/3 of the calories of leading martini mixers! Now, even your most calorie-counting, weight conscious friends wont be able to resist a sip or two.