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Back-to-School Business Trip Tips

Most of us survived, more or less, the first week or two of back-to-school chaos.  Our kids hopefully have all the backpacks, textbooks, and sharpened pencils they need. We’re all coping with those nasty alarm clocks that have the gall to buzz while it’s still dark out.

Now onto phase two: mastering our own absence when our kids are in school.

Leaving your kids behind during the school year is a challenge few …

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Internet Tips for Parents

With cyber bullies and Internet predators making the news on a regular basis, parents may be tempted to deny their kids any access to the Internet. However, kids are going to be exposed to the Internet through school and through their friends. And a complete ban by parents may make children hide their Internet activities, putting them more at risk. Instead of banning Internet use, join your child on the Internet to keep him safe.

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Privacy Policy

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