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How to Organize a Child’s Small Bedroom

A manageable organizational system in your child’s small room keeps the toys under control. You both are better able to find the items you need without searching high and low through piles of clutter. The space constraints in a small bedroom make organization more of a challenge, but there are many ways to give all of your child’s possessions a designated spot. You need a chunk of time to put the organization system into play, along with regular cleanup sessions to keep it organized.

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Get Your House Organized for Passover

March 25 marks the beginning of Passover this year. If you are Jewish, it is week when family and community come together to celebrate the Exodus. The hallmark of this observance is the removal of all leaven from the home, which commemorates the fact that the Jews leaving Egypt were in a hurry, and did not have time to let their bread rise. It is also a symbolic way to remove the puffiness, or arrogance and pride, from the soul.

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Lice Prevention in Schools

The common cold is the only communicable health problem that beats out lice at the school age, according to MayoClinic.com. The small insects lay eggs, called nits, on the hair shaft to continue the population in the hair. The insects travel from one head to the next through direct contact with another person’s hair or things that have touched the hair, such as brushes, scarves and hair clips. School prevention methods keep lice infestations to a minimum.

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Baby Changing Table Supplies

Frequent diaper changes come with the territory when you have a baby. A well-stocked changing table streamlines the process each time you have a dirty diaper to tackle. An organizational system, such as baskets or storage drawers, keeps the changing table supplies even more convenient. Keep backups of all the diapering supplies on hand so you aren’t caught without the necessities.