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Teaching Our Kids Tech Etiquette

You may remember that a few months ago I wrote about how my babysitter broke up with me via text message. I thought I was finished with teenagers and their poor tech etiquette, but apparently, this is the new world we live in and unless somebody does something, Im destined – were all destined – to be plagued by it forever.

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11 Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms Who Want To Go Back To Work

Stay-at-home moms: Dont fall for the media chatter that opting out of work to raise kids will sound the death knell for your career. It IS possible to get back in. You just need some advice and inspiration.Remember, as a full-time mom, you opted in to the most important job in the world – raising the next generation of capable and responsible adults. There’s no need to regret your decision; it was the …

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Celebrity Girl Scouts

Its no secret that the Girl Scouts have some very powerful alumni. With their recent 100th anniversary – and the celebration event in Washington D.C. over the weekend – we wanted to celebrate a few of celebrity Scouts who are making a path for women via music, politics, and television presence. Here are some stars who once donned the signature green beret: