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Gaming 101 for “Me Time”

The following post is sponsored by DoubleDown Casino. Somehow, online social gaming ends up being an integral part of my day.  I have a handful of kids and with all of the waiting around I do at sports events and appointments, I often grab my iPhone and poke around social gaming apps and websites. At night…

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Learn How to Forgive

Who or what do you need to forgive? I know forgiveness may seem like one of those intangible ideals thats just out of reach or a waste of time. But, its not. You can make the choice to forgive. And by making that decision, you can move forward on your path.

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Autism Books for Parents

According to the MayoClinic.com, autism, a serious developmental problem that usually appears before children are 3 years old, affects the way children communicate and interact with others, including their parents. Along with utilizing school and community resources, reading books can provide parents with ideas on how to best understand and support their children.