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Things for Kids to Do in Vegas

Historically, Las Vegas has been recognized worldwide as the capital of gambling, sex and drinking. There was a period of time when Las Vegas was actively seeking families, but that was abandoned in favor of luring fraternities, bachelor and bridal parties and nude sunbathers. Still, there are lots of activities for kids to enjoy in and around Las Vegas and a family can have a successful vacation in which all members of the family get to do things they enjoy.

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I Heart Guys

I was in elementary school in the suburbs in the early eighties, when kids could still ride bikes to their friends houses, walk alone to school, and play outside in the summer until it got dark and the fireflies began to light up the sky.

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Harvard and Other Elite Schools End Test Optional Applications: What You Need to Know

In a move that has rekindled discussions about the role of standardized tests in college admissions, Harvard University has recently announced that it will reintroduce SAT and ACT scores as a requirement for its application process. This decision marks a significant shift from the temporary test-optional policies adopted by many institutions during the pandemic. Understandably,…