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Nine Money-Making Ideas Every Mom Should Know About

A few years ago, a group of moms were hanging around the playground and the topic of making extra money came up. Some moms wanted to send their children to a specialized camp; others were saving for a family trip, while others were just looking to make ends meet. After a half hour of groaning, complaining and sulking one of the crafty moms piped up. Were all sitting around thinking about what we don …

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Dr. Jim Sears Shares Healthy Back to School Tips

Backpacks are packed with shiny and sparkly new school supplies (they can put glitter on ANYTHING these days) and your kids are bouncing off the walls with glee. School is starting soon! And because youre a fabulous mommy, the number one thing youre worried about it how to keep your kids healthy now that youre sending them off to spend their days in a building full of strange germs and “mystery meat” school lunches.