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Our Journey

In high school, if you asked me what my future held, I probably would have said either doing intense volunteer work in a village in Africa for the rest of my life, or raising a huge family with the love of my life. I remember hearing about fertility treatments in high school. My initial thinking on the subject was, Oh no. I would never do something like that.

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Mother's Day 2010: Gifts of Beauty!

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and what better gift to give than a gift of beauty? I love to pamper my mom on Mother’s Day with something she wouldn’t normally do for her self like a facial, massage or day of beauty at the spa with you! I love to give beauty items as gifts like, a favorite perfume, lip stick or be creative and make a basket of items your mother …

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My Man is Coming Home to Some BIG Changes!

Month number 2 without David and counting.. The time has flown by on most days, but a few are creeping by in anticipation of him coming home. I have been sleeping with Mac for a while now, but these days my computer relationship has taken on a whole new meaning. SKYPE anyone? I must admit I am starting to feel like a cyber freak and actually look forward to alone time WITH MY COMPUTER!!!

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Children’s Rooms Ideas

Do you want a bedroom for your child that goes beyond cartoon princesses and space aliens? There are many children’s room ideas that are outside the commercial cartoon character box. Incorporating color, practical pieces and a little imagination can take your child’s room from average to amazing.

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Dealing with Depression

Depression is an epidemic that is affecting countless people who don’t even realize that they are suffering from it. If they do realize they are suffering from it, they generally don’t want to seek help as they feel it’s a social no-no, and others will think less of them for it. Or, they simply don’t know where to turn. Allow me to share my battle with depression and hope that it helps even one person in the process.