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Counseling for Teen Depression

While it may seem that the carefree teenage years should be some of the best times of your child’s life, many teens find that depression impedes enjoyment of their adolescence. If your teen suffers from depression, counseling could be the solution to his woes. With counseling, your teen can work through the issues that underlie his depressive state and help build a brighter, and happier, future.

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Help for Teenage Anger

To a teen, a small issue can seem monumental and lead to serious emotional distress. Some teens can deal with this distress internally and settle themselves down, while others are unable to handle these natural fits of anger. If your teen seems quick to anger, you can help him overcome this tendency. By learning about the ways in which teens can develop anger control and guiding your struggling child to these resources, you can reduce the likelihood that anger continues to get the best of your kid.

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Addiction Recovery for Women

If you or a woman that you care about has been touched by addiction, you likely know first-hand just how challenging overcoming this dependency can be. Many women who have fallen victim to addiction feel powerless to escape the cycle of repeated drug or alcohol use. As a result, they are hesitant to try to break free from their addictive behavior. While there is nothing that you can do to make addiction recovery easy for yourself or the struggling woman in your life, some solutions to addiction may work.

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How Much Does a Surrogate Mother Make?

For many fertility-challenged couples, using a surrogate mother is a viable option for finally achieving their dreams of parenthood. While few people go into surrogacy solely as a way to make an income, women who agree to carry a surrogate child do often receive financial rewards for their generosity. The amount of money that a surrogate mother is ultimately paid for her services varies from area to area and is dependent upon an assortment of pregnancy-related factors.