7 mins read

Mean Girls In Kindergarten? Dealing with Girl Drama

I have four kids – my boys are 15 and 13, my girls are 9 and 5. While my boys nearly drove me into the ground as toddlers with their endless physical energy and constant running around, the girls are currently winning the race to dig me an early grave with their ongoing girl drama and emotional highs and lows.If I had to choose, Id take the physical exhaustion of boys over the emotional …

3 mins read

Unexplained Fevers in Children

When your child comes down with a fever, you likely immediately begin looking for a cause. While it is sometimes easy to determine what ailment is leading to your child’s temperature spike, there are instances in which childhood fever goes unexplained for a long period of time. These unexplained fevers can prove stressful to parents eager to help their children overcome their ailments and get back to their old ready-to-play selves.