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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Pending Divorce: Money Tips Before You Split

The ongoing custody battle between celebrity couple Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner has taken an unexpected turn. Amid the legal proceedings, Joe and Sophie have reached a temporary agreement concerning their children’s living arrangements, preventing them from leaving the greater New York City area. This development comes shortly after Sophie Turner’s recent filing, where she expressed her intention to permanently relocate their children to the United Kingdom.

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Discover Your Relationship with MONEY

Lying on his deathbed, the rich, miserly old man calls to his long-suffering wife. I want to take all my money with me, he tells her. So promise me youll put it in the casket. After the man dies, his widow attends the memorial service with her best friend. Just before the undertaker closes the coffin, his widow places a small metal box inside. The widows friend looks at her in horror. Surely, she says, you didnt put the money in there.