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How to Remove Brown Spots From Hands

The passing years, combined with normal wear and tear, can age your entire body, including your skin. Age spots appear as patches of brown skin on your hands, arms, face and other areas that receive regular exposure to sunlight. Although quite common, these spots can make your hands look old and dingy. Because these spots may resemble other skin conditions, ask your doctor to examine your spots and rule out any serious problems. After receiving a medical diagnosis, you can lighten your spots and minimize the possibility of future brown spots.

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Brown Spots in Pregnancy

Many women anticipate pregnancy as a time when their hair and nails grow at record pace and their skin practically glows. So it comes as quite a shock when they look in the mirror to see dark, blotchy brown spots reflected back at them. According to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, more than 90 percent of all pregnant women experience some skin discoloration.

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Recipes for Making Your Own Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup offers a natural alternative to products available in drug and department stores, and they may be well-tolerated if you have sensitive skin. While purchasing specialty mineral makeup can be costly, you can make your own mineral foundations, eye shadows and blush at home with the right ingredients and supplies. A few mineral makeup recipes will allow you to begin experimenting with makeup manufacture in your own kitchen.

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What Causes Age Spots?

Members of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) say that age spots are almost always caused by exposure to the sun. The sun stimulates melanin production, and if we make a habit of being out in the sun too long unprotected, brown spots can appear on the skin when we get older. Skin receives more sun damage over time, increasing the likelihood of developing dark pigmentations later in life. While sunspots are common in individuals with fair skin, people with darker complexions can also develop age spots. There are steps that women can take to prevent age spots, but first we have to have a better understanding of the causes.