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Cue Sticks: Getting Started in Your Own Business

Some people know what their calling is at a very young age and that passion just sticks with them for life. Nancy Shapiro was born to teach. Now, she’s turned that gift of helping others into a business calledCue Sticks.Through Cue Sticks, Nancy teaches the power of positive thinking. Cue Sticks are daily reminders that come in the form of either a temporary tattoo or a sticker.

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Celebrity Mom Team Owners: These Ladies Love Sports!

From Gwen Stefani to Mary Kate and Ashley, female celebrities frequently launch their own clothing, cosmetics or accessories companies. But lately, these ladies are finding a new way to spend their money! Forget shoes and handbags -the new trend for savvy celebrities is toinvest in professional sports teams. Here are five famous moms who are getting into the game: Jennifer Lopez