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Hanukkah Countdown Calendar

It’s almost Hanukkah time! Enjoy all eight days and, most of all, have fun with your family during this joyous celebration. Make every day of Hanukkah a little extra special with this hanging Hanukkah Countdown Calendar from Pottery Barn. Each of nine flaps can hold a small surprise, like a chocolate coin or dreidal. Lift one flap each day to reveal another candle flame on the menorah.

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Calendar Method to Determine Fertile Days

Whether for religious reasons or a desire for a natural form of birth control, many couples use the rhythm method. If they are trying to avoid pregnancy, they will abstain from sexual intercourse during a woman’s fertile time. Before a couple can effectively use this method, however, they must understand the woman’s cycle in order to determine when she typically ovulates. This can be done with a calendar and some simple calculations.