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Foods That Increase Your Sex Drive

Since the time of the ancient Greeks people have believed that certain foods possess a unique quality to induce arousal. While most traditional aphrodisiacs are stimulating in appearance alone, it turns out that many foods have chemical properties that increase your sex drive. While some of these foods elevate the romantic mood for the night, others are capable of offering a long-term sexual boost.

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Types of Baby Slings

Baby wearing can be a beautiful experience for both baby and parent. Not only does it provide the opportunity for bonding, but it also allows the parent to have one or both hands free to do other tasks. If you are considering baby wearing, you have no doubt discovered that there are several styles of slings and carriers available to you. The most popular styles are discussed here, as well as their biggest strengths and weaknesses.

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Fun Things for Kids To Do in London

Planning a trip across the great pond? Traveling to London is a great adventure, but for families with young children it can be a challenge to find fun things for kids to do in London. The city’s history dates back over a thousand years, but that is not going to interest young children. Taking kids to London means planning ahead for activities and destinations that will appeal to them.