2 mins read

How to Prevent Wrinkles in Cotton Clothes

Cotton offers an inexpensive and durable option for clothing, but cotton garments also tend to wrinkle easily without proper care. Following a few extra steps during the washing process keep cotton clothes relatively wrinkle-free without much additional work. The exact care routine you choose depends partially on the type of cotton garment. While most people won’t starch and iron a cotton T-shirt for casual wear, a cotton dress shirt might warrant a more extensive wrinkle-reducing routine.

3 mins read

10 Energy-Saving Laundry Tips

The never-ending pile of laundry also drives up energy consumption in the home. Simple changes to your laundry washing and drying routine mean less energy used. This translates to more money saved, a benefit everyone can appreciate. Eco-friendly and budget-friendly laundry techniques don’t require much extra effort or time, making them fit into a family’s busy lifestyle.

4 mins read

Packing List for a Family

Checklist plans often besiege you when going off on a trip with the whole family. Your mind is thinking of hundreds of items you would like to take with you, but you do not know where to start. Get organized and tailor-fit your packing list, based on the kind of getaway trip you are embarking on.