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Autism SOS: Three Warning Signs of Autism in Toddlers

First, the good news: Research shows that early intervention can be extremely effective in improving or reversing traits commonly associated with autism. Now, the bad news: The younger children are, the more difficult it is to pick out autism warning signs in their behavior. Which is particularly bad when you understand that the earlier you start addressing developmental delays, the…

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Deadly Food Allergies: From A Teen Who Has Them

This article was written by a 14 year old girl dealing with life threating food allergies. Hey Hun, my Mom tells my Dad, Lets stop at the market for groceries, perhaps we can we go to Whole Foods for dinner? Were getting groceries, so it might be easier to eat there. And, we want to celebrate! Great idea! he says.Crap. I thought to myself.And why not celebrate? We had just come …

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5 Scary Birth Control Side Effects You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s estimated that more than 11 million women use oral contraceptives (aka “the pill”) in the U.S. alone. It’s hard to believe but it wasn’t always easily accessible. During the 60’s, oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) were illegal in eight states, and it wasn’t until years later that the benefits of birth control were recognized by the FDA. In addition to preventing pregnancy, birth control pills are also commonly used to treat a whole host of problems including severe cramps, irregular periods, and acne.

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Secrets to Hair Removal

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results,” a quote commonly attributed to Albert Einstein, might describe your chosen method of hair removal. From the shave that’s never close enough to the electric tweezers that promise you permanent results, the secret to sleek, silky hair-free legs can be elusive. Explore your full range of options before you decide what hair removal technique is best for you.