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Advantages of LED Lights

LED lights, or light-emitting diodes, are an energy-efficient alternative to incandescent or fluorescent lights. They can produce three types of light: infrared, visible or near-ultraviolet, depending on the materials used. LED lights come in a wide variety of colors, including white, yellow, red, green and the less common purple, pink and blue. Some LED lights are also programmable to change colors. For this reason, they are often used as decorative lighting, such as for Christmas lights.

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2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Gift-giving is truly a talent. It’s not easy to run around from store to store trying to figure out what to get for every single member of your family. We partnered with Square Panda to bring you a gift guide to help you get your shopping done with some personalized options for each recipient. Here…

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Birthday Party Ideas For 9-Year-Old Boys

Most boys who are turning 9 have firm ideas of acceptable and enjoyable party themes, activities, locations and guests. They may only want their birthday at the party place their friends like, or have a specific cartoon or superhero they want represented in the decorations. Work with your son to plan a party that accommodates his interests but also falls under your approval.

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Birthday Party Ideas for 13-Year-Old Boys

Plan a special party for your sons 13th birthday to emphasize the new stage of life hes entering–becoming a teenager. Include some of his favorite childhood delights, as long as they wont embarrass him, and add a new grown-up twist. Give your son and his friends a little more freedom and privacy than what you might have done for past birthday parties, if possible.

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Highlighting Hair While Pregnant

Whether you regularly highlight your hair or feel the need for a change mid-pregnancy, you probably wonder about the safety of the beauty treatment. No mom wants to sacrifice the health of her baby for a few highlights. Research on the negative effects of coloring the hair during pregnancy is limited. If you are concerned about the safety, talk with your doctor or hold off on any hair color changes until after giving birth.