2 mins read

Life Lessons From A Week On Crutches

So I managed to do my ankle in, which landed me in an Aircast and crutches. I know what youre thinking and for the record, I was not walking and texting. In fact, I was attempting to walk and talk at the VERY same time and managed to go over on my ankle. Its a good thing I wasnt chewing gum or I may have ended up in a full body cast.

4 mins read

How Selfless Are You, Really?

Do you truly think youre selfless? I bet most of us think we are, but in reality we might not be. A true act of selflessness is when you perform an act of kindness without any regard for yourself or your own interest.Meaning that after you paid for coffee for that dude in Starbucks, you dont blast it on Facebook. Its acting in total anonymity.Its not letting the world …