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Cooking With Young Children

Cooking with young children proves beneficial in many ways. Children learn about measurements and learn to follow a specific set of directions. Cooking provides bonding time for parents and kids. It can even result in a lesson on cause and effect when the recipe doesn’t turn out quite right. Young children might eat more types of food when they help cook them. Children as young as eighteen months can assist with adding ingredients and stirring the mixture, making it an ideal activity for the entire family.

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Cooking for Autistic Kids

Preparing healthy meals for an autistic child can pose a number of challenges, whether your child has sensory issues, a picky palate or requires a special diet. Tips and tricks that work for neurotypical children may not work at all with your autistic child, and creating struggles over food can worsen food aversions. Try these tips to prepare healthy foods your child with autism will eat and enjoy.

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Easy Cooking Activities for Kids

Involving your children in the kitchen can be a fun way to spend time with them while teaching them valuable skills that they can use as they grow older. Not only is cooking fun, it also helps kids read, learn math, organize things and become independent. When grown ups spend time with kids in the kitchen, it strengthens their bonds and fosters openness between the young ones and the young once.

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“Hell’s Kitchen” Chef Harper on Cooking, Family and Love

ModernMom was super excited to snatch an interview with Chef Rock Harper, season 3 winner of the acclaimed cooking competition “Hell’s Kitchen”, book author, philanthropist and most importantly, father of three. He opened up about everything — from sharing some touching personal stories to offering moms advice for healthy cooking that kids will actually want to eat. Here’s our Q&A session with the endearing chef: