9 mins read

How to Achieve Balance

If pressed to name only one thing for which modern moms are not given enough credit, I’d say it’s their circus skills. At a minimum, mothers regularly find themselves juggling the emotional and physical well-being of one or more children; ringleading a household and all activities occurring within and without; playing the clown for an…

6 mins read

Housekeepers As Heroes

People who frequent the blogosphere love to argue about womens equality and lack thereof, at home and at work, and to dissect hot-button subjects like equal pay and gender discrimination, who changes the diapers and who takes out the trash, in our relationships and in society at large. And I love to argue right back.

2 mins read

The Risks of Using the Same Divorce Lawyer

In the United States, 3.4 of every 1,000 people divorce each year, according to October 2010 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. You certainly don’t imagine, on the happiest day of your life, that the man messily feeding you the first piece of wedding cake could turn into a bitter, vengeful enemy in the courtroom. But, if your happy ending looks unlikely, naivete about the divorce process — such as thinking you’ll save money and time by sharing a lawyer — can bring high costs, both emotional and financial.