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Sugar Mommas’ Southern Scoop

During our Southern Sugar Expedition, (see previous blogs), we scooped a few finds along the way to share with yall. First and foremost, we stumbled upon Garden & Gun: Soul of the South magazine. Angeleno eyes had never laid eyes on such a publication. Reading Garden & Gun from cover to cover was like the sensation you get when you exit a theater and declare, That was the best movie I ever saw. We were immersed …

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List for Packing a Diaper Bag

The following is a guest post from Leslie Newton from timi & leslie Ive been designing diaper bags for 12 years, even before I had a child. When I finally had my own baby girl three years ago and I had to use one of my diaper bags for the first time.I panicked! Suddenly I couldnt remember what all those pockets I designed were for!

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February Astrology

The early February planetary lineup in Aquarius, along with a Libra moon and Jupiter in Gemini, makes for a lot of air which inclines towards verbosity – but of course with many innovative and original ideas bandied about, so typical of Aquarius. This preponderance of refined air, the label attached to Aquarius, IS technologys true Homeland.