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Christmas Office Decorating Themes

Turning your workplace into a haven of holiday merriment is a great way to get your staff excited about the upcoming season. To give your office a touch of charm this holiday season, select a theme around which to decorate your space. By adopting a specific decorating motif, you can ensure that your office space is cohesively decorated (a must for all those Type-A readers out there). It also serves as an aesthetically pleasing reminder of the approaching holiday.

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Back To School Must-Haves

You can almost hear the tears of kids everywhere this time of year because of the inevitable BACK-TO-SCHOOL. Some parents are secretly jumping for joy to get their kids back on a routine, while some are dreading the early morning chaos and afternoon homework struggles. But I do think one thing is common for most…

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5 Fabulous Fall Bags for Fashionable Moms

When I was in college, my roommate (who went on to become a buyer for Lucky Brand) had one fashion rule that’s stuck with me over the years: “Don’t cheap out on shoes and handbags.” Her point was that you should pay for quality when it comes to pieces that you’re going to use for years. Plus there’s the added bonus that a good pair of boots and a sleek tote can make the most boring jeans and t-shirt outfit look elegant and pulled together. So if you’re going to splurge on something this fall, here are some beautiful bags we absolutely love:

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Organization for a Great Education

From the moment your child beings going to school, he will start to develop study habits and skills that will remain with him throughout the rest of his academic career. Organization is a skill that is difficult for many students and it’s learned over time. Here are some ways to help your child learn and develop organizational skills at school and at home.