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The Electrician that brought some light into my life

Yesterday was such a memorable day being on the Dave Ramsey Show. I think there are times in our lives when we reflect onsomestruggles and challenges we have been through and can’t help but think “how did I get through that”. Last night as I was driving home in a child-free, very quiet car from teaching a class Istarted thinking about the interview and what a neat experience it was…and suddenly I just started to cry. I was happy and excited from the events of the day…but suddenly there it was…the grief and sadness that Nana is not her

7 mins read

Autism and Sheldon Cooper

Why do I have Sheldon Cooper on the brain? Sheldon Cooper is one of the main characters on the TV show The Big Bang Theory. I guess there are several reasons why I’ve had Sheldon Cooper on my brain lately. First, the regular season (Season 11) of Big Bang is back and I’ve watched two…