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How to Trace a Family History

As your children reach grade school, sooner or later they are going to come home with an assignment to write about their family tree. Instead of cringing and looking for the nearest closet to hide in, use this homework assignment as an opportunity to introduce them to the generations that are their heritage. By tracing your family history and learning the stories of your ancestry, you can make this an enjoyable project for both your children and yourself, and–in the process–keep alive the memory of those who came before you.

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What Is Acai Supplement?

Acai berry supplements are dietary supplements that incorporate the fruit of a particular species of South American palm tree. The acai berry is thought to contain a high concentration of substances that may play a role in reducing the risk of diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, in addition to suppressing appetite and promoting weight loss. Acai berry supplements are available in a variety of forms, but there is little conclusive evidence to link any of these supplements to concrete evidence of disease prevention or successful weight reduction.