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Autism and a New Study

Autism and a New Study Happy New Year 2022 Recently, I came across a study that provides one explanation on why autism presents in males more than females. NOTE: This is only one small study conducted by Dr. Christine Ecker of Goethe University in Germany. What did the study say? The study looked at why…

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Autism and Backward Chaining

Autism and Backward Chaining I had never heard this term before…backward chaining. I read up on it and discovered it’s a useful way for parents of children with special needs to help a child learn everyday life skills. What is backward chaining? Here’s the way I understand it… Chaining is a way to teach multi-step…

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Baby Eye Colors

The eye color with which your baby is born is not necessarily the eye color your baby will have for long. A newborn’s eye color is likely to change. Give it about 6 to 9 months; the eye color should stick by then, in some cases, eye color can take as long as three years to set. Caucasian babies usually have dark gray-blue eyes at birth; African-American, Asian and Hispanic babies usually have dark gray-brown or hazel eyes that continue to darken.