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Mother’s Day True Tales

Mother’s Day grosses $21.2 billion in consumer spending and it's now the third largest dollar holiday behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day. The top three expenditures are restaurant meals, flowers, and cards, according to the National Retail Federation. But it turns out, moms don’t always want flowers, a cute card, or a meal out with the…

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Top Three Reasons Moms Overspend & How to Cut It OUT

There is a psychology to everything even why we let more dollar bills wiggle out of our wallets than might be wise. But the good news is that once you understand why you do what you do, you can try on a new, more budget-friendly habit. Here are the top three reasons moms tend to overspend. We can be people pleasers. I know you have been there: you are in the supermarket and your children …

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April Astrology Reading

April begins on a confusing note, Mercury retrograde finally moves ahead on the fourth, and Mars by the 15th, the Sun squares Pluto, and Uranus sits right there too. So there has been an overall sense of being hemmed in and frustrated. Take the lottery for instance, 173 million disappointed people left feeling like April Fools !