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Homemade Toothpaste for Children

Many parents are looking for ways to live simpler, greener and healthier. For some, this means living organically. This trend extends to making your own cleaners, shampoos, soaps and even toothpaste using all-natural ingredients found around the home. Not only are such items often better for your health, they can also be less expensive than their commercial counterparts.

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What Are the Benefits of Organic Baby Food?

Many parents and caregivers wonder if organic baby food provides any concrete benefits. Often more expensive than its conventional counterparts, organic baby food may seems like an unnecessary investment. However, according to Dr. Elizabeth Knapp, a pediatrician at Austin Regional Clinic Far West, organic baby food can support a baby’s developing body and brain and protect her from exposure to harmful substances.

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Acai Berry Nutritional Facts

You’re up on the fashion and accessory trends, but are you up on the food trends? Among the latest fads is the acai, pronounced “ah-sa-ee” or “ah-sie-ee,” berry from the Amazon rain forest. Although the acai berry has been a popular food in Brazil for years, this exotic fruit arrived in America in 2000 and took the stage as a culinary superstar.

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Sneak Veggies in Your Kids' Foods — They'll Never Know!

The Sneaky Chef is an expert on food, health and nutrition and gives the absolute best tips on how to keep your family the healthiest they can be — in easy, and sneaky ways. Today, we’re featuring ten amazing tips on food, health, nutrition to keep in mind when creating meals for your family. Oh, and there will be lots more of the Sneaky Chef coming — many, about sneaking healthy foods into your kids meals.