3 mins read

Unexplained Fevers in Children

When your child comes down with a fever, you likely immediately begin looking for a cause. While it is sometimes easy to determine what ailment is leading to your child’s temperature spike, there are instances in which childhood fever goes unexplained for a long period of time. These unexplained fevers can prove stressful to parents eager to help their children overcome their ailments and get back to their old ready-to-play selves.

4 mins read

Explain the Single Life To Your Kids

Among the many thorny conversations Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will eventually have to have with their six kids following their recently announced plans to divorce, lies one in particular that routinely stumps even the most grounded parents: how to explain to your kids that you are dating someone who is not their mom or…

7 mins read

Explaining HB2 to My Son With Autism

My son is thirteen, very intelligent, thoughtful, and asks a lot of questions about current affairs. So, after I mentioned that his aunt, who lives in North Carolina, was upset at the recent canceled concert by Bruce Springsteen, my son asked why. I don't know about most parents, but with my son, I fell he's…