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Skip The Speed: 5 Reasons Teens Should Avoid Energy Drinks

This is the second piece in a three-part series from Bright Beacon on energy drinks. Don’t miss the first part – Energy Drinks: Do You Know What Your Kids Are Drinking? We all teach our kids to say no to drugs, but how many parents think to warn their children about the dangers of Red Bull?Here are five reasons why kids should stay away from energy drinks: 5. CAFFEINE – Heavy caffeine use has been linked to negative health effects. Energy drinks have more caffeine than coffee, and they aren’t regulated by the FDA.

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Sneak Veggies in Your Kids' Foods — They'll Never Know!

The Sneaky Chef is an expert on food, health and nutrition and gives the absolute best tips on how to keep your family the healthiest they can be — in easy, and sneaky ways. Today, we’re featuring ten amazing tips on food, health, nutrition to keep in mind when creating meals for your family. Oh, and there will be lots more of the Sneaky Chef coming — many, about sneaking healthy foods into your kids meals.