2 mins read

The Best Makeup for Black Females

For the most part, for a woman’s makeup to look its best, it should complement the woman’s skin tones. This means that women with light skin cannot wear the same makeup that women with dark skin wear. Understanding how to complement and match your black skin with makeup that enhances your natural beauty can give you confidence to make you look your best.

3 mins read

Autism and a New Study

Autism and a New Study Happy New Year 2022 Recently, I came across a study that provides one explanation on why autism presents in males more than females. NOTE: This is only one small study conducted by Dr. Christine Ecker of Goethe University in Germany. What did the study say? The study looked at why…

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Autism and Puberty

My son is fifteen-years-old. Which means…he’s in the throes of puberty. What have been some of his issues? Many of these are common issues of any child (in this case a male child) going through puberty: *Dealing with growing facial hair. Learn how to shave. We bought him an electric razor and my husband gave…