4 mins read

Finding Balance as a Working Mom

One of my best friends just went back to work a few months ago. Well, technically, she went to work, because aside from a few starter jobs right out of college, shes been not working since she got engaged to her husband thirteen years ago. Anyway, three kids later, shes gone to work. Her husband is starting a new business, and hes recruited her to take over a part of it that shes especially suited for.

6 mins read

Finding a Job

Whether you are about to graduate, are returning to the work force after a break, have recently lost your job or are switching careers, you find yourself at crossroads. Finding a job is a process that most of us go through at least once and possibly several times in our lives. Why do some of us seem to be more successful at landing jobs than others? The difference can be attributed to several reasons such as the jobs seeker’s skills, line of work, the economy and, at times, even simply being at the right place at the right time. This article outlines some of the steps, methods and tips you can use in finding a job, no matter what your interest or skill level.