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Bedtime Music: 10 Soothing Classical Pieces for Kids

The following is a guest post by Robert Greenberg, author of How to Listen to Great Music: A Guide to Its History, Culture, and Heart. Ah, bedtime. The kids’ teeth are brushed; their pj’s are on; the book has been read, and then read again. They have been kissed goodnight. At which point begins THE BIG STALL. “I’m hungry”; “I’m thirsty”; “I need to go to the bathroom”; “I need to call my broker”; etc.

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Tame Your Teen’s Temptations

One of the greatest tests for teens has nothing to do with calculus, although it has plenty to do with calculating – calculating what will happen. The big What If? Taming temptation means helping your teen to understand their natural craving for undiluted pleasure, passionate desire, extreme danger, and their unabashed seduction by the unknown.