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List for Packing a Diaper Bag

The following is a guest post from Leslie Newton from timi & leslie Ive been designing diaper bags for 12 years, even before I had a child. When I finally had my own baby girl three years ago and I had to use one of my diaper bags for the first time.I panicked! Suddenly I couldnt remember what all those pockets I designed were for!

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Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Birthday parties can be fun-filled events, especially if nothing has been forgotten. Imagine the disappointment for the party planners if somehow refreshments didn’t make it onto the list of needed supplies. These kinds of omissions can be avoided if the birthday party is well planned. Planning ahead doesn’t have to be a headache, either. While some decisions need to be made, such as deciding on a theme, having a party-planning checklist takes the pressure off and allows party planners to enjoy preparing for the festivities.

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Checklist for a Kid’s Birthday Party

A kid’s birthday party can be fun for both child and parent alike. Sometimes, though, a lack of planning results in a loss of opportunity for fun. The atmosphere at a kid’s birthday party can be dampened when a particular supply is missing for a party’s event or activity. For example, a game of kickball will be spoiled if no one remembers to bring the ball. Having a checklist will ensure that all the little details have been remembered.