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How to Increase Sex Drive When Pregnant

Your pregnancy can produce many changes in your life. The activities you used to enjoy may hold little appeal. Your growing baby, expanding belly and shifting hormones may affect your sex drive. Many women experience an increase in libido during certain stages of pregnancy, while feeling a reduced sexual desire during other stages. Although the reasons for your sex drive may range from physical changes to emotional stress, certain practices can safely increase your desire and your sexual enjoyment.

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How to Naturally Cure a Hangover

Did you enjoy one too many glasses of green beer? If you’re feeling the effects of St. Patrick’s Day this morning, here are a few tips on how to naturally cure a hangover. Rehydrate The most important thing is rehydrate your body properly. Drink lots of water, or if you prefer you can drink lots of fruit juice (natural fruit juice mind you). The best juices to drink are cranberry, grape, apple and orange juice (the extra boost of Vitamin C will also help). Avoid sodas or any diet drinks, this will just dehydrate your body more.

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Are you one HOT Mama? Keeping it Cool During Pregnancy!

When the heat is on during the hottest days of summer, you may feel like you are going to spontaneously combust at any moment. Dont worry, that hardly ever happens 🙂 During pregnancy your body is hard at work. Your metabolism is kicked into high gear, and so you are more likely to feel the effects of summer heat. The reality is that you are more likely to perspire heavily, as your body tries to keep you and your baby cool.