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Drug Awareness Activities for Kids

Parents and caregivers may want to keep the kids in their care drug-free, but sometimes there can be confusion about how they can go about it. Making kids aware of drugs and their dangers is one step you can take to help prepare kids for the day when they’ll be exposed to and possibly lured by drugs. Although you may not be able to protect your kids 24 hours a day from exposure to illegal drugs, you can certainly arm them with knowledge.

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Problem Stepchildren

Every family has its own trials and tribulations. Dealing with stepchildren is different from dealing with your own biological children — no matter how much you may love your stepchild or want to help. Some children may exhibit problem behavior as a way of dealing with his new family setup. Dealing with a problematic stepchild can ultimately destroy your relationship with your spouse, break apart your family or cause you all to find a way to weather the storm and allow you to become a loving, connected family.

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The Truth About Sex Addicts…Yikes.

Sexual addiction is defined obsession with sex that interferes with personal life, relationships or work. It can be described as an abnormally intense preoccupation with sex, and is often associated with risky behaviors and distorted thinking. If someone you know has signs of a sexual addiction, encourage the person to see a health care provider or join a support group to help overcome the addiction.

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Male Fertility Tips

Men make up half of the equation in baby making, and it’s important for them to do their part in improving fertility. According to the Mayo Clinic, men are the sole cause for infertility in 20 percent of cases, while 30 to 40 percent of infertility cases are related to both the man and woman. There are things that men can do to boost their fertility naturally.

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