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Risky Business: Why Women Excel In Dangerous Careers

When my husband was diagnosed with a rare liver disease, I made an astonishing discovery: the risks I took at my job actually helped me manage the ordeal. As a professional ski patroller, I carry explosives, start avalanches, hike in chest deep snow, and haul heavy toboggans carrying gravely injured skiers. We women patrollers do this side by side with the men. While some might find my work a bit risky, I find it essential.

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Light Exercise During Pregnancy May Reduce Obesity Risk for Baby

Research has found that babies who are heavy for their length have an increased risk of obesity later in life. To accompany these findings, researchers from the University of Auckland teamed up with Northern Arizona University researchers to compare two groups of pregnant women–those who practiced a light exercise regimen and those who did not. The study found that the exercising women’s babies were on average.32 lb lighter, but no shorter, than the babies of their non-exercising counterparts.

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The Risks of Caffeine for Teens

Many Americans today might claim that they need their caffeinated beverage of choice to simply get through the day. With work, kids, appointments, and chores, many adults have adapted the proper amount of caffeine into their schedule to help them meet increasing responsibilities throughout the day. However, what happens when teens start drinking substantial amounts of caffeine? Are their growing bodies and minds fit to consume caffeine without knowing the full effects of the drug?