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How to Tell If You Are Pregnant While Breastfeeding

While it's a common misconception that breastfeeding prevents you from getting pregnant again, many new moms end up with two babies close in age because they thought they were protected. The fact is, it's possible to ovulate while breastfeeding, which means you can conceive if you're sexually active during your fertile time. Here are some…

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Early Signs of Mental Illness in Children

While some assume that children are immune from the effects of mental illness, in truth, children can be afflicted with these potentially debilitating disorders just as adults can. If your family has a history of mental illness, or your child’s behavior appears to be well outside the norm, you child may be one of the sizable child population inflicted with a mental illness.

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What Are Common Signs of Pregnancy?

The impact of pregnancy on a woman’s body is often major, leading to a host of noticeable signs and symptoms that may be the first indications of a bun in the oven. If you think you might already be pregnant, be on the look-out for common signs and symptoms. If you are exhibiting one or more of these tell-tale pregnancy indications, your family might just be about to gain a new member.

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Deadly Food Allergies: From A Teen Who Has Them

This article was written by a 14 year old girl dealing with life threating food allergies. Hey Hun, my Mom tells my Dad, Lets stop at the market for groceries, perhaps we can we go to Whole Foods for dinner? Were getting groceries, so it might be easier to eat there. And, we want to celebrate! Great idea! he says.Crap. I thought to myself.And why not celebrate? We had just come …