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Car Seat Guidelines From the Experts

Car seats are known to be highly effective in preventing death and injuries in car crashes. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that the protective seats reduce fatalities by a whopping 54 percent. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics has released updated advice on when to strap your kiddies into their special seats.

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The ABC’s of Bras: How to Choose the Right Support

Are you wearing a bra? Guess what – it probably doesn’t fit! For years, industry experts have claimed that somewhere around 85% of women are either not getting enough support from their undergarments as a result of wearing bras several sizes to big or hurting their breasts by smushing them into containers that are too small. Although we weren’t able to find any hard research to back up this stat, it’s a pretty widely held perception that women are commonly mistaken about their bra size.

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Pole Dancing – The Toughest Workout You’ll Ever Do

Making healthy choices is the trend these days with people opting for blenders, juices, and fresh produce over fast foods, processed foods, and synthetic ingredients. With this shift in perspective over nutrition, people are also seeking alternative means for exercise, attending boot camps, doing home workouts, and even planning “hike” vacations to majestic sites. The…

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Turn Milk Bottles Into A Valentine’s Day “Table Filled With Love”

The following post comes from SetSipServe,a website that showcases home entertainers, chefs, bloggers and style experts and makeseveryday entertaining achievable on every budget.To buy the adorable tableware pictured in the post, visit SetSipServe’s A Table Filled With Love.For all of us who love to entertain, Valentines Day is truly the most fun. Our creativity can run wild with the colors, the candy and the crafts. In this table that …