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Stress Effects on Birth Control

Stress can affect the body in many different ways and may cause medications to react differently in your body. Many women have experienced menstrual irregularities due to stress, and these may also impact your contraception. Prevent an unwanted pregnancy by understanding the potential interactions between your physiology, stress and your birth control choices.

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Teenage Ovarian Cancer

Few parents ever entertain the notion that their teen will have to deal with cancer before reaching adulthood; however, in some cases they unfortunately do. Teenage girls can and do develop ovarian cancer each year. If caught early, cancer of this type is highly treatable, making it vital that you watch for signs of ovarian cancer and respond to any potential symptoms that you observe immediately.

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Colon-Cleansing Foods and Drinks

Therapeutic colon cleanses help rid your lower intestine of waste, also called fecal matter. Many methods for this procedure exist, including colonic irrigations and laxative supplements. Columbia University warns that some of these procedures may wipe out healthy bacteria in your colon and cause health concerns, such as infection and electrolyte deficiencies. Mild colon cleansings involve replacing unhealthy foods in your diet with foods and drinks that encourage the movement and removal of waste matter in your bowel.