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Mr. Peabody & Sherman: Meet Your New Favorite Movie Dog Dad

The Bullwinkle universe has not had tremendous luck in the cinematic world. As a youngster, I suffered through 3 awful live-action adaptations of cartoons that I grew up loving (two of which starred Brendan Fraser, who must have had a personal vendetta against the cartoon). But finally one of Jay Ward’s beloved characters has been done well.No. Not done well.Done flawlessly.In DreamWorks’ Mr. Peabody & Sherman, Mr. Peabody is the quintessential Renaissance …

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May Astrology

Our galactic vessel has landed on the rocky shores of May 2013, and its strange territory indeed. Oh you may ask, what happened to those nice Druid Beltane and May Day festivals? This fracas of Saturn and Mars will start off the early days of this month with a clash of symbols, i.e. the impulsive son, whose restrictive and disciplinarian dad is taking him to task.